Fake news!

– Min. Felix rubbishes claims that is he offering citizenship in exchange for votes

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Minister of Citizenship, Hon. Winston Felix has rubbished an MTV News Update report on August 31, 2019, captioned ‘PNC plans got busted,’ that accused the Coalition Government of promising African nations citizenship in exchange for votes.

According to Minister Felix, the report is false and libelous and is designed to tarnish the good image and reputation of the APNU+AFC Government.

The scandalous information by News Update was devoid of facts and should be withdrawn with an apology. The culture of mendacity displayed by the newscast in an attempt to sully the image of Government Ministers and must be exposed for what it is,” he said.

The Citizenship Minister, therefore, contended that the untruth peddled by the news agency was an attack on his character.

According to Minister Felix, he had responded to Deputy Director of the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA), Aubrey Heath-Retemyer about the case involving African Nationals in Guyana, who expressed concerns regarding services provided by the Department of Citizenship. In response, a meeting was arraigned to address the concerns on Wednesday, August 28 at the Critchlow Labour College. Several matters were brought up at that meeting; these included, the lengthy periods to finalise the applications for citizenship, long delays to finalise their applications for citizenship by marriage, employment visas and extension of stay in Guyana.

There was a subsequent meeting on August 29, at the Department of Citizenship and on that occasion, four persons with issues in relations to marriages were referred for subsequent consideration; another three persons had consideration  given to their applications for citizenship by marriage and residency while the applications for employment visas were not addressed because the persons did meet the criteria.

The minister made it clear that the government is keen on a clean and credible list for Regional and General Elections and that, he will not get involved in any disdainful act to secure votes for any foreign nationals residing in this country.