Farmers’ Market allows growers to be the Middle-men

―Farmers will now have the final say on prices for their produce.

DPI, Guyana, Friday, April 04, 2019

It has been three months since Guyana’s first Farmers’ market was launched at Lombard and Leopold street Georgetown.

Madonna Singh came up with this initiative to allow farmers to control the economic benefits from their produce and to have the opportunity to directly provide organic food to their consumers. Singh told the Department of Public Information that her vision is to inspire farmers to cultivate more because of the profits they will glean from the Farmers Market. She also envisions packaging and exporting opportunities emerging from this venture to create a great impact on the Agriculture sector.

“I would like to see a full capacity market by Christmas. I am hoping that more farmers come out and participate in the venture to get the market going. Also, I am encouraging farmers to offer their suggestions and let us work together. It is a passion I have developed since I came up with the idea.”

The Farmers Market is accommodated in a 38oo square foot facility which will provide enough spaces for farmers to sell their produce and store them in a secured storage area in the building. It is expected to facilitate over 72 vendors. Also, resources such as pallets will be provided for rental at the price of $1000 so that farmers can display their produce attractively.

Additionally, benefits such as security, free access to running water and toilet facilities will be provided.

In 2018, the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) hosted a Farmers Market Day at Jubilee Square, Durban Park, which ultimately created a memorable experience for both consumers and farmers. Shoppers were able to access these farmers directly which allowed them to be confident in the quality of the produce with which they were provided.

This initiative was a tremendous success and the Farmers’ Market is expected to provide the same experience yearlong.

No longer will farmers make less money than vendors. They will now have the opportunity to cultivate their own crops and sell them at the market.

Singh hopes to have farmers from various regions in Guyana come on board to help provide consumers with seasonal fruits yearlong.

The Farmers’ market is also expected to be accessible for 24hrs. “I want it to be a market where you don’t have to wait on special days to have access to the market like the traditional markets. I want consumers to be able to access the market 24hrs a day, seven days a week,” Singh said.

Farmers who are interested in coming onboard can contact Madonna Singh on her mobile number which is, 654-7510 to uplift forms for registrations. These farmers will be guaranteed secured spaces at the market for six months to one year.

The vicinity can also occupy additional businesses such as Agricultural supply stores that sell chemicals which would also benefit the farmers. Since Singh envisions the market as a one-stop shop for customers, she is also encouraging small businesses such as butchers, bakeries, boutiques to occupy the extended spaces available at the market.

Alleya Hamilton.

Images: Giovanni Gajie.