Farmers receive close to $1B in Gov’t latest flood-relief distribution drive

– Agri. Minister says Gov’t will continue to invest in citizens

Over the weekend, over 5000 farmers from Region Five received assistance to return to the land as the government continues with its $7.8 billion flood relief package to farmers who were affected during the recent flooding.

Agriculture Minister Zulfikar Mustapha spearheaded the distribution at the Bath Primary School and the Woodley Park Primary School in Region Five last Sunday as farmers turned up in their numbers to benefit from the Government’s flood-relief initiative.

While addressing the gathering, Minister Mustapha said the Government understands the importance of getting farmers back to the land so that they can begin to earn and provide for their families.

“We recognise the importance of getting our farmers back to the land as quickly as possible and to get back the livestock we need as quickly as possible. That is why the President himself has been leading the team around the country to meet with those who were affected. The President made a commitment that, at the end of the day, we will do an assessment to know what was lost. Our officers were tasked with carrying out a thorough investigation so that we can give assistance to farmers as soon as possible. Today is a testament to the promises made by the President, His Excellency Dr. Irfaan Ali, and the PPP/Civic Government,” Minister Mustapha said.

Minister of Agriculture, Zulfikar Mustapha, MP present a farmer his grant

During the course of the day, cash crop, rice, and livestock farmers who were present at the various distribution sites said  they were grateful that the government made good on its promise and is giving farmers the much-needed help to return to the land.

Ganesh Singh, a farmer who benefited from the initiative last Sunday who lost close to 90 acres of rice and other cash crops, said he was pleased with the assistance he received from the government. The farmer also recounted the losses he experienced in 2019 and said it was clear that the PPP/C Government has an interest in the farmers.

“I sow about close to 90 acres of rice. All duck out. All my cash crop and so, I lost all. When we had the high tide and flooding in 2019, I bin lose my cash crop too. The government then didn’t do anything for farmers. Now look today, the Minister come and we getting back some relief. I want to thank the President and the government for this because I don’t know what I woulda do,” Mr. Singh said.

Minister Mustapha also said despite the baseless criticisms of some, the Government will continue to act in the best interest of the people of Guyana.

“You can see the kind of investment that we are making in terms of alleviating the problems and the burdens Guyanese were faced with over the last five years, prior to August 2020. While in Opposition, we saw the harsh and somewhat dictatorial measures that were imposed on the people of this country We had said when we got back into power, we would remove those burdens and today we are here, comrades, to deliver again, to rollout the programme of prosperity to the people of our country because we are putting the money for the benefit of the people. You, the recipients, you be the judge.

“Those that choose to criticize this initiative do not care about your welfare. They are criticizing this because these programmes that we are implementing are making them become irrelevant and exposing their true nature. Every day, they are losing supporters so they are trying to create traction by criticizing the good work of the PPP/c and making false allegations,” Minister Mustapha contended.

To date, thousands of farmers from Regions Five, Six, and Ten have benefited from the Government’s flood-relief initiative. Distribution in other affected Regions is scheduled to commence within the coming weeks.