Fifteen new homes for Amelia’s Ward

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, September 13, 2018

Thirty-four Lindeners are now closer to owning their own homes as the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CHP&A) commences construction of 15 homes in Phase Three Amelia’s Ward.

Ministry of Communities with responsibility for Housing Valarie Adams-Patterson- Yearwood says the tendering process of the second phase of another 15 of 60 total units, will be done in a week’s time. Over 80 Lindeners are employed by the four Linden contractors who have been awarded the projects enhancing the growth of local content in the Region Ten community.

Construction commenced after access roads, electricity and water supply were made available in the area.  Thirty of the sixty, will be flat concrete houses which will cost $5.3Million and the other 30 will be concrete houses on stilts and will cost $6.3Million. $100, 000 of these respective costs will go towards paying for the land.

As each house is completed, the owner will be able to move in. Thirty-four Lindeners have since prequalified for the units. Priority was given to youths and government workers. Two of these are Registered Nurse Abigail Thompson and Mechanical Engineer attached to the Regional Democratic Council Nigel Newton. They were given letters to take to their commercial banks to obtain funding.

Thompson in July told the media that she is a mother of two and applied eight months prior to pre-qualifying. “Don’t give up, apply once you reach the age; you might be selected. It makes me feel honoured to be selected today, to own my own home soon,” she said as she encouraged other youths to do the same.

In 2019, CHP&A will be commencing similar construction in the Wisroc Scheme. The process of getting the lands transferred from the Wisroc Housing Cooperative via the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission to the CHPA is underway.

Story and Image: Vanessa Braithwaite.