‘Financial boost for holiday season’ – pensioners grateful for one-off grant

Elderly Guyanese are beaming with gratitude for the government’s timely one-off $25,000 cash grant, which will see 72,000 pensioners benefitting across the country. This welcome boost will allow seniors to celebrate Christmas comfortably.

The government continued the roll out the distribution on Friday at the Guyana Fire Service Headquarters, Homestretch Avenue, Georgetown. DPI spoke to some of the beneficiaries.

Pensioner overjoyed after receiving the one-off grant

Vera Naughton said the grant is useful, especially for senior citizens who didn’t make provisions for their later years.

Pensioner receiving assistance during one-off grant upliftment process

“Well, I think it is a good thing. I think they [government] have the older folks at heart because some of the old folks really and truly hadn’t made preparations for their old age so now …they really need some backing up. So, I think what they are doing is great,” she shared.

Orin Cheddi, another pensioner said, “It is something good for the big people as the $25,000 will come in reasonable for the Christmas because where can you go and pick up $25,000 and if the government giving you $25,000, I think that is good.”

Harlene Harris shared similar sentiments. “Yes, I feel good about it because at least it helping. I plan to give it to my grandchildren.”

Edward De Pursi said the grant will allow him and fellow pensioners to buy necessities for the Christmas.

“This grant is useful to pensioners especially at Christmas time. Most people need a little extra cash. I think it is useful. Well, I will be able to buy a little more at this time of the year,” he expressed.

Another pensioner, Joy Allen said, “It will fill a hole because for me you need to be contented don’t matter what you get, you gon want more because of the fact that things difficult for people but I like to accept what I get.”

Meanwhile, the distribution of pension and public assistance booklets for 2024 is also underway, further demonstrating the government’s dedication to supporting its citizens.

New 2024 pension and public assistance booklets

The one-off grant represents a significant investment of some $1.8 billion for the well-being of Guyana’s elderly population.