Fire Prevention Month activities conclude with fitness walk

The Guyana Fire Service on Sunday concluded its fire prevention month of activities with a fitness walk from Sherriff Street and Rupert Craig Highway to the Central Fire Station on Water Street, Georgetown.

Fire Chief Gregory Wickham, said the month of activities was successful.

Fire Chief Gregory Wickham leads the GFS Fitness Walk on Sunday Morning.

“We really want to get the message of fire prevention and fire safety over to Guyana, we would have suffered many losses, economic loss that is, by way of fire, and we want to, by all means, prevent further loss.

“I would be able to say at this point, that yes it has been a success for the Guyana Fire Service and again thanks for the members of the public and the Government of Guyana for the very support they have given to us” Wickham told DPI.

Throughout the month of October, the GFS hosted several activities, including awareness exhibitions at various locations, getting the message of fire prevention and fire safety out to the population.

Fire Chief Gregory Wickham shares pamphlet about fire prevention and safety, while on the fitness walk. 

“We would have had visits to schools throughout the country, we would have visited government and non-governmental organisations doing lectures, fire talks, evacuation drills and inspection of those properties, the main aim is to ensure that persons are sensitised and they will know what to do in the event of a fire, but mainly we would want to prevent those fires that’s why we have taken that route,” the fire chief said.

Fire Prevention Month was observed under the theme “Working Together as One Guyana to Prevent Fires.