Fire Service fostering multifaceted growth through global collaboration

Home Affairs Minister Robeson Benn, in his address to new graduate firefighters at the Leonora Training Centre on Monday, announced plans to collaborate with regional and international bodies to unlock the full potential of the Guyana Fire Service.

Minister Benn acknowledged the progress made by the Fire Service, drawing from valuable lessons learned. However, he emphasised the government’s unwavering dedication to constant advancement.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn speaking at the graduation on Monday

“Even though we are already on a pathway to improving the facilities, the assets, the quality of training, and the engagement response of the fire service. We are also reminded to do introspection, to reset our thinking of our responsibilities about the protection of people, and the saving of lives,” the minister explained.

Minister Benn noted that these partnerships are crucial, enabling knowledge exchange and skills-sharing to strengthen fire and rescue services across the regions.

Some of the firefighters

“We want to be able to provide you with the equipment you need to do this work at the highest professional levels. When I went to Canada earlier in the year, I visited two fire service stations and we are in contact with them in relation to exchanges and visits with them. Recently I also went to Grenada where I visited a fire service station as well and we will be doing the same thing with them,” the home Affairs minister stated.

With partnerships already in place, Minister Benn said Brazil is the next stop.

Emergency Medical Technicians attached to the Guyana Fire Service

From refining fire response tactics to exploring cutting-edge equipment, the focus extends beyond firefighters, embracing the valuable contributions of Emergency Medical Technicians who are integral to every successful operation.