First 50 young professional homes to be constructed at Leonora/Groenveldt

The first 50 young professional homes will be constructed at the Leonora/Groenveldt housing area, Region Three.

This is in keeping with the government’s aim to provide sustainable and affordable housing solutions for Guyanese.

Minister of Housing and Water, Collin Croal made the announcement when he inspected several housing areas in the region recently.

Aerial views of young professional homes

In line with its national housing programme, the government is focussing on the construction of houses and the distribution of house lots, along with other housing solutions to encourage homeownership.

We do have a demand now of persons coming forward to request the young professional houses. Over the next few weeks, the ministry’s project department will be embarking on the procurement process to engage contractors for us to start building on that side for young professional houses,” Minister Croal highlighted.

The project is a component of the government’s affordable housing initiative, which gives people the chance to own houses in wholesome communities. 

The government is also developing new and existing areas for housing infrastructure, as part of efforts to reduce the backlog of house lots.

An interior view of a young professional house

As such, new and existing areas are being developed for housing infrastructure countrywide.

The housing ministry is also making efforts to ensure these properties stay within reasonable budgets even with the rise in building material costs.

“It is not a real estate business where we are just building and looking for a profit. There is no profit in this. They are all building at base price and that is what the beneficiaries are paying for through the banks,” he further explained.

At Providence and Prospect, some 89 young professional homes have been completed, while 425 are under construction.

In keeping with its manifesto, the PPP/C Government is committed to delivering 50,000 house lots to Guyanese within its first term in office.