First data management system launched for Reg. 9 Agriculture Department

The first Data Management System for the Regional Agriculture Department, Region Nine was launched on June 28, 2021.  

This launching was held at the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) Boardroom and saw in attendance Dr. Haimwant Persaud, Chief Executive Officer, Latitude Geospatial; Mr. Cymeon Nedd, Finance Manager, Guyana Livestock Development Authority; Bryan Allicock, Regional Chairman, and other special invitees and staff. 

Dr. Darren Halley, Regional Agriculture Coordinator

The driving force behind this project is Dr. Darren Halley, Regional Agriculture Coordinator, and it was established by Dr. Persaud, owner of a company that provides Monitoring and Evaluation of GIS projects, develops GIS tools, services databases, and more.

With the establishment of this database system, Crop and Livestock Extension staff are now equipped to practice smart Agriculture, using location-based technology to capture data.

Six (6) heavy-duty tablets donated by the RDC, Region Nine, were given to staff in each Sub-district to record data easily.