First Lady commissions ‘Avenue of Hope’ for breast cancer awareness

-donates to Guyana Cancer Foundation

First Lady, Her Excellency, Mrs. Arya Ali has thrown her support behind the fight against breast cancer by making a donation to the Guyana Cancer Foundation shortly after she declared the Main Street avenue an ‘Avenue of Hope.’

The First Lady unveiled the ‘Arch of Hope’ as Guyana starts observations for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Citing statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) which revealed breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer related deaths in women worldwide, the First Lady said despite advancements in research and treatment a cure is still to be found.

“What is worrying is that more than half or 58 per cent per cent of women who die from breast cancer, live in poor or developing countries,” the First Lady said, as she added that access to health services and quality of care must not be overlooked.

Her donation to the Foundation will be used to fund cancer testing for 50 women over the coming months.

The First Lady also noted the importance is early detection and screening, as two of the most effective tools to fight breast cancer to date.

Mrs. Ali also pointed out that the life of every Guyanese woman was important, whether a nurse, lawyer, engineer, or housewife.

“Therefore, we must ensure that we protect the life of every Guyanese woman. As a young mother and, every mother, we have a duty to be responsible and part of that responsibility is to ensure screening becomes part of our health check routine,” the First Lady said.

Further, Mrs. Ali said, as resources become available, Guyanese women will have more access to preventative and other treatments.

“As our country moves to a better financial position, support for screening for every woman at the age of 40 and above on a continuous basis should be considered as a preventative and an early diagnostic tool in the fight against breast cancer,” Mrs. Ali said.

Meanwhile, Ms. Debbie Persaud, Marketing Manager of Impressions said the event was a partnership among the Government and other stakeholders. It demonstrates “that the Government, NGOs and the Private Sector have come to the realisation that breast cancer too, poses a threat to the survival of our women population.”

The event was hosted by the Office of the First Lady, through a partnership with Impressions Branding and the Guyana Cancer Foundation.