First Lady encourages Sophia women to turn their skills into businesses

Ministry of the Presidency, Press Release – Georgetown, Guyana – Monday, October 8, 2018

First Lady, Mrs. Sandra Granger today encouraged female residents of North Sophia to recognise the skills they possess and turn those skills into business opportunities. She was at the time speaking at opening of the 30th Success in Business workshop, which is being executed by her office in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Protection and Interweave Solutions.

This is the second such workshop that is being held in the Sophia community. It will, over the next five days, empower about 40 women; teaching them the pros and cons of entrepreneurship.

First Lady Mrs. Sandra Granger (centre), flanked by (from right), Lieutenant Colonel (ret’d) Yvonne Smith,Facilitator from the First Lady’s Office, Facilitator, Mr. Yohan Pooran, Councillor, Ms. Andrea Marks and Facilitator, Ms.Crystal Baptise with participants of the workshop at Sophia

Mrs. Granger said, “We have had women in abusive relationships who might feel that they have no skills what-so-ever, when they have something they don’t recognise as a skill… I want you to recognise that, and I want you to draw on the positives that you have”.

She noted too, that many times women manage homes or care for elderly persons in their families and communities but they do not recognise the ability to provide care as a skill they can use to make money.

The First Lady encouraged the residents to explore the possibilities of starting co-operative ventures in the areas of elderly and early childhood care within their community.

Meanwhile, Ms. Tricia Benjamin, a participant said that she has been actively seeking employment but has encountered several challenges. She said her choice of business would be elderly care since she has already completed a course in that area and is certified.

“This training will do a lot for me because I can open a business [after receiving] my certificate… I love to take care of elderly people, I did that before and I have a certificate in that,” she said.

To date, the Self-Reliance and Success in Business Workshop has certified over 1500 persons in all Administrative Regions of Guyana.