First Lady urges parents to teach children to live in unity

– at unveiling of latest ‘One Guyana’ project

First Lady, Her Excellency, Mrs. Arya Ali, Saturday afternoon, appealed to Guyanese to focus on our shared interests and to cultivate a deeper appreciation for our national identity.

She made the call at the unveiling of the latest installation in the “One Guyana” project in Kingston, Georgetown.  

Children from several city wards, accompanied by their parents, joined the First Lady for the lively ceremony. 

The First Lady called on parents to teach their children how to care for and watch over each other and to live in unity.  

“To the parents and adults, the children present here today are a representation of us moving towards a more unified Guyana because our children are our future. It is my humble request that today, and all the days that follow, we continue to instil within ourselves and our children the importance of living in unity,” Mrs. Ali said. 

She noted that although Guyana is a nation of six peoples, with a rich and diverse culture, “We are one Guyana.” She then challenged parents to teach their children to celebrate these diversities, but to live in solidarity. 

“Our children are good examples of what it means to be humble and respect and love each other. If we allow people and things to divide us, it will rob us of valuable and special friendships we have with each other. Don’t let that happen. Let us open our hearts wide and stay true to our motto: “One People, One Nation, One Destiny.”   

The latest installation of the One Guyana Project is a life-sized Map of Guyana, made up of puzzle pieces that promote the virtues of friendship, love, and brotherhood.

The First Lady is committed to working to erase social and cultural inequalities across the country and works closely with the One Guyana platform to promote our shared culture and to offer support to vulnerable people and groups.