First Medical Laboratory Technician Programme launched in Region Six

As the government, through the Ministry of Health, continues its rapid decentralisation of healthcare services and programmes, Region Six on Saturday saw the first-ever Medical Laboratory Programme being launched in its area.

The launching saw the first cohort of 25 persons getting ready to be trained for a period of 12 months through the ministry’s Health Sciences Education Training Programme.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, who was present, said that such training will equip the students to learn more about the various medical equipment that the government has been investing in.

“It’s one of many decentralised programmes that we would like to have here…We want to train as many people as we need to. What we want to offer to our patients is the best possible care. And so, we want to train you to be able to do HBA1C using the simple machines that we currently have at the health centres, but importantly we want you to be able to use the more sophisticated machines that we will have at each of our labs at the regional hospitals,” the minister explained.

Minister of Health, Dr Frank Anthony, Regional Chairman, David Armogan, and Deputy Director of the Health Sciences Education Training Programme, Chandroutie Persaud among other regional officials at the launching

Minister Anthony noted that as the students learn to operate the more advanced machines, then they will be able to up their skills and work in technical places such as the blood banks.

Additionally, Regional Chairman, David Armogan stressed that training is important for the region’s public health development.

He said that with the many transformations that are ongoing in the region, then careers in the health sector are in demand.

“I want to first of all congratulate you for choosing to be trained because that’s the first step and taking it on. I want to encourage you to ensure that you stay the course and make sure that you graduate so that we can utilise you in the various areas of the region,” Armogan stated.

One out of the 25 students who will become a Medical Lab Technician

Also in attendance was Deputy Director of the Health Sciences Education Programme, Chandroutie Persaud, who assured the Region Six youths that they will not left behind.

She told them that the government is providing the necessary measures that are also being provided to those in Georgetown.

“Before we decide to decentralise a programme we have to ensure that we have faculties in place. So, I am pleased to say that the local faculty that was provided by your region are persons who are deemed capable of carrying this programme through successfully,” Persaud stated.

As she encouraged the students to take in all of what they can, Persaud also reminded them that they will receive a stipend every month for just being trained. The ministry will soon be decentralising the programme to other regions, to equip citizens with the requisite skills for the development of the country.