Flood waters recede despite challenges – Public Infrastructure Ministry

DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Less than 24 hours after heavy rainfall and flooding of several communities, the city is back to normal, despite the mechanical challenges faced by the Mayor and City Council, (M&CC),

The difference of a day. Water recedes from the city.

Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson said despite the non-operation of several of pumps including the JP Santos and Lamaha Street pumps, the floodwater receded in a timely manner.

Minister Patterson said all sluices are operational except the one located at Lamaha Street. While this sluice can be opened, due to a defect, an excavator is required to close it. As such, it is only opened in emergency cases.

Meanwhile, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is again calling on all citizens to desist from depositing refuse in the canals and waterways since the act hinders the free flow of water.

Compared to a few years back, incidences of flooding in the capital city has reduced significantly. Most of this has been as a result of the improved drainage works, a collaboration between the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and the City Council.

The city is in spring tide period until Friday of this week. Persons are asked to take all necessary precautions.

Sections of the city flooded yesterday.

Sections of the city flooded yesterday.


The difference of a day. Water recedes from the city.


By: Alexis Rodney