Four modern police stations to be built

-under CSSP

Four new police stations will be built and an existing one rehabilitated to boost the capacity of the Guyana Police Force (GPF). The works will be carried out under the Citizens’ Security and Strengthening Programme (CSSP) in keeping with overall plans to improve the effectiveness of the local justice system.

CSSP Project Manager Dr. Clement Henry told DPI the new, modern stations will be built at Whim and Albion, East Berbice-Corentyne (Region Six), Mahdia, Potaro-Siparuni (Region Eight) and Wismar, Upper Demerara-Berbice (Region Ten).

Meanwhile, the Parika Police Station on the East Bank Essequibo will be renovated with repairs to the top storey and the bottom flat remodelled.  While works are being undertaken, operations will be shifted to a Police house in the same compound as the station.

Dr.  Henry said all stations will be overhauled to help the GPF conduct its mandate.

“These stations that we are retrofitting or building brand new, they will focus on domestic violence, case management room, witness protection room, an automotive case management system, integrated crime information system, listening room so that the perpetrators and the victim; there is no confrontation so that victims are not intimidated,” Dr. Henry said.

Under the CSSP, 18 police stations will be modernised countrywide.  To date, 12 have been completed. These include the rehabilitation of police stations at Mibicuri, Cane Grove, Issano, Suddie, Kwakwani, Annai, Aishalton, La Grange, Mabaruma, and Port Kaituma. New stations were constructed at Aurora and Mackenzie.

The $3 billion programme, which is funded by Inter-American Development Bank, comprises three components: Community Crime and Violence Prevention, Crime Prevention and Investigation, and Rehabilitation and Social Reintegration Services.