Four new experiential tours launched to market ‘Destination Guyana’

The Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) launched four new experiential tours on Tuesday to help with the diversification of the products “Destination Guyana’ is offering tourists.

While delivering remarks, Director of the GTA, Kamrul Baksh noted that it was the vision of President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali to develop more world-class tourism products. 

He said the four products show the quality of these experiences coming to life.

Director of GTA, Kamrul Baksh

“This here, culminates I believe 17 new experiences for 2022. The task that we were given and the challenge that we were given from the start of this year is to develop new products [and] new experiences…trying to make…products more accessible and affordable to the different audiences,” Baksh said.

The tours launched were the Tapakuma Camping and Fishing Exhibition, the Mahdia Tour, the One Cent Magenta Tour, and the Paruima tour.

He noted that a lot of work has been done by the GTA to develop tourism products that impact the lives of people.

“Our task is to support people. It’s to support communities…supporting these communities is very cross-cutting. You support meaningful livelihoods for many people. It stops out-migration for the communities [and] significantly reduces that…. It is something that we would like to continue to champion in the years to come,” he added

Representative Paruima Village, Sandro Edmund

Meanwhile, Sandro Edmund of Paruima Village noted that the tourism potential of his community was never fully explored.

However, now with the help of Wilderness Explorers, a package was developed.

“If you had asked me about community-based tourism a few years [ago], I would have zero knowledge…but I think that growing up within the village, the little knowledge that we had as a community has helped us a lot in trying to develop a product that we now want to sell to all of you here to experience for yourselves,” Edmund said.

A section of the gathering at the launch of the four experiential tourism products

The Product Development Department of the GTA has been continuously working with individuals and groups throughout Guyana to explore and develop their tourism potential.