Four Region Nine health centres rehabilitated

The villages of Fly Hill, Pai Pang, Quatata, Yupukari and surrounding communities in the Upper Takutu- Upper Essequibo (Region Nine) are now better equipped to provide a wider range of healthcare services to residents.

Some $15 million was invested in the rehabilitation of Fly Hill, $13 million for Yupukari, $7 million for Pai Pang and $5 million for the Quatata health centres. Quatata also received a motorcycle to facilitate home visits.

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, MP along with Regional Health Officer, Dr. Cerdel McWatt and other officials cutting the ribbon to commission the Quatata Health Centre

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Nigel Dharamlall, MP, along with Regional Executive Officer (REO) Karl Singh and Regional Chairman Bryan Allicock attended the commissioning of the facilities.

The Local Government Minister said the investments being made in the region seek to improve healthcare delivery to residents.

“Healthcare is very important in our country and as you are aware in the Rupununi it has been one of the issues that has been affecting our people, which is the delivery of quality healthcare.

“Everywhere that we have gone, we would note that all of our facilities would have the requisite drugs and medical supplies, because that used to be one of the sicknesses within the health system in Guyana, when our Amerindian brothers and sisters go to some of these facilities that there are not enough drugs and medical supplies to provide to them.”

Minister Dharamlall said residents are expected to be treated with respect while receiving service at the health centres. The same, he noted must be given to the healthcare workers.

Regional Health Officer, Dr. Cerdel McWatt handing over the keys of the motorcycle to the Quatata Health Centre

“You can expect from this government full respect and humility and I want to also ask the residents to show the similar respect and humility when you come to receive service.”

Regional Health Officer (RHO), Dr. Cerdel McWatt said the initiative is in keeping with the government’s commitment to achieving universal primary healthcare.

As such, the facilities will be equipped with the medical supplies to treat residents for snake bites and complications from Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), among other conditions. These health problems, Dr. McWatt noted are common with those residing in the region.

“We stress the need to provide healthcare that is on par to the demand of the community and that we are endeavouring to give with the involvement of RDC and by extension, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development and the Government of Guyana. Nothing less will be offered to the villagers,” Dr. McWatt noted.

He said additional resources will be given to the health facilities via the department’s referral system.

Regional Chairman, Bryan Allicock said health services in the region were affected by poor infrastructure.

A front view of the Yupukari Health Centre

“Many of the health facilities in the region were in deplorable condition and we were promised that these facilities would be upgraded by the previous government that did not materialise. So, I thank the PPP/C government for realising the dream of our people and that is how we work, you know… we come and listen to you, work with you and deliver to you.”

Residents commended the government’s efforts thus far, in keeping with its promise to improve the provision of services in the health sector.  

Currently, 63 persons are being trained to become certified health workers in their respective communities.

Additionally, residents were encouraged to get vaccinated to prevent the spread of COVID-19.