GA-FDD urges “smart shopping” during festive season

The Government Analyst Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) is advising consumers to be on the alert and exercise caution when purchasing food during the Christmas season. 

Dr. Marlan Cole, Director, Food and Drug Department in a statement Wednesday, said persons must inspect all products before purchasing and ensure they are properly labelled in English.

Check expiry date

Persons are also advised to check for ‘best before’ or expiry dates and refrain from purchasing food items that are beyond those dates or products without a date mark. Consumers must also check canned products for dents, rusting and bulging.

Particular attention must be placed on food items that are offered for sale at a significantly reduced price. Ready to eat foods must also be stored at the appropriate temperatures before purchase. He said hot foods must be served hot and cold foods served cold.

Foreign labelled products

The department, along with the members of the National Food Safety and Control Committee, continues to monitor activities regarding the trade of substandard items that fall under the supervision of the GA-FDD.

However, Cole is encouraging consumers to be on high alert and ensure value for money is obtained when shopping and avoid food poisoning.

Dented cans

Persons are asked to engage the Environmental Health Department in their neighborhood or the GA-FDD, to report any substandard food seen on our local market or offered for sale by vendors.

Reports could be made via telephone number – 222-8857(9) or visit the Government Analyst- Food and Drug Department’s Facebook page.

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