‘Giving Hope’ Foundation giving back to Breast Cancer survivors, patients

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Dr. Latoya Gooding, an Oncologist, who is the founder and President of the ‘Giving Hope’ Foundation (GHF) in Guyana is enthusiastic about contributing to better the lives of cancer survivors and those currently receiving treatment. The organisation advocates for the creation of pathways for the care and support of these persons.

Dr. Latoya Gooding (Second from left) and her team from the ‘Giving Hope’ Foundation.

During cancer awareness month this October, the Giving Hope Foundation will focus on supporting women diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer. Dr. Gooding said that the foundation continues to provide a number of support and care services all year round.

“At the Giving Hope Foundation, we do our outreaches on a monthly basis and one of the biggest targets for our outreach is breast cancer so we teach the women how to do the breast self-examination, we do the clinical breast examination.” Dr. Gooding said.

Health and Education Relief Organisation for Cancer (HEROC), the foundation’s sister organisation, lends support in ensuring that women diagnosed with breast cancer live a normal life throughout treatment and even after the cancer is gone. In order for this to be possible, HEROC conducts a series of fundraisers making it possible for items to be given to support cancer patients.

“Once you are diagnosed with breast cancer and you need financial support systems whether it’s to help with radiotherapy or CT scan, we tend to help or facilitate once we can also for the women that had the mastectomy that means they took off the breast as part of their treatment. We offer breast prosthesis free of cost,” the GHF’s President noted.

Women who are undergoing or have completed chemotherapy and suffered hair loss can receive wigs at no charge to the individual. The ‘Giving Hope’ Foundation also offers free counselling services to both the patient and their family.

The oncologist explained, “one of the big things is that cancer does not only affect an individual, it affects the family as a unit so we tend to extend our counselling to the family members as well.”

To qualify for access to these and other services from the foundation, a woman must be diagnosed, is fighting or has fought against the disease.

“Basic criteria is once you are diagnosed with cancer you can have the services that are there for cancer patients. If you are just a mere woman and you would like to be screened we offer our screening services to all women,” Dr. Gooding explained.

On October 26, the foundation will be hosting a ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ exercise at its office in Ketley Street, Charlestown. In detail, the activity will entail the distribution of free breast prosthesis and wigs and goodie bags. Makeup Artistes will offer manicures and pedicures and there will be several nutritional talks and all-natural treatments.

There will also be a candlelight vigil at the Square of the Revolution on October 27, from 5:30 pm. Following this, on the 29th the foundation will partner with the Ministry of Public Health to host a breast cancer walk in Georgetown.


By: Delicia Haynes