GoG and GTU Taskforce Meeting


Wednesday, November 1, 2017 – Today an Inter-ministerial and Guyana Teachers Union taskforce was established.

This initial meeting was chaired by the Honourable Minister of Education, Ms Nicolette Henry.

The Honourable Minister of Education furnished the members of the task force with background information and relevant documents and announced that the task force will be chaired by Mrs Geneveive Whyte-Nedd.  She also urged members to be professional in their deliberations and about their responsibility to the nation.

The work of the task force commences with the formulation of terms of reference (TORS) which should be completed within a week. The mandate of the task force is to examine outstanding problems with a view to their timely resolution and to propose a new, multi-year agreement between the government and the union. Statutory weekly meetings will be held.

Following each meeting, joint statements by the Chairman of the task force and the President of the Guyana Teachers’ Union will be shared with the public.

Those in attendance were:

Mr. Marcel Hutson, Chief Education Officer, MOE

Ms. Adele Clarke, Permanent Secretary (ag), MOE

Ms. Jacqueline Simon, Human Resource Manager, MOE

Mrs. Genevieve Whyte-Nedd former Chief Education Officer

Ms. Kelly-Ann Hercules, Legal Officer, Ministry of Education, MOE

Mr. Frederick Mc Wilfred, Political Advisor, Ministry of the Presidency

Ms. Gail Williams, Senior Personnel Officer, Ministry of the Presidency, Department of Public Service

Dr. Hector Butts, Finance Secretary, Ministry of Finance

Mr. Emil Mc Garrell, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communities

Mr. Mark Lyte, President, Guyana Teachers’ Union (GTU)

Ms. Coretta Mc Donald, General Secretary, A.A., GTU

Ms. Samanta Alleyene, Treasurer, GTU

Mr. Lancelot Baptiste, Administrative Secretary, A.A., GTU