Government committed to small business development – PM Phillips

Prime Minister, Brigadier (Ret’d), the Honourable Mark Phillips said the Government remains committed to the development and expansion of small businesses in Guyana.

He made the statement while attending the Small Business Bureau Annual Awards Reception and Dinner on Sunday evening.

“Our Government is committed to creating such an environment to allow the expansion and success of small and medium-sized enterprises and the private sector in general, to thrive and expand while achieving the capacity to operate on a globally competitive scale.”

He added: “In the past two years, this Government, through sound and consistent investments, has strengthened the business climate”.

The emerging oil and gas industry, the Prime Minister explained, has brought massive opportunities for businesses to benefit through partnerships or by becoming part of its massive supply chain with their products and services.

He told recipients that the “Government is also aware that for these businesses to thrive there must be adequate access to finance for small businesses, which directly contributes to their increased output and employment and the overall advancement of economic growth and development”.

He also emphasised the essential role of the bureau in facilitating small business development and called it “a hub for opportunities”, while congratulating its management unit.

“With the Small Business Bureau, you have a dedicated guide in helping you to access financing; you also have access to training and education, increased visibility through the promotion of your products and services, access to Government procurement opportunities and a range of other business and technical support.”

The Senior Government Official also encouraged recipients and all small business owners to pursue upward mobility and diversification of their businesses, products, and services on a continuous basis.

The bureau is a Government-funded institution that aims to make financing more accessible to small businesses and to address issues that they face.