Gov’t committed to resolving challenges in Herstelling

– Minister Dharamlall

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Hon. Nigel Dharamlall on Tuesday assured residents of Herstelling, East Bank Demerara that the Government is committed to finding solutions to the challenges affecting them. 

About 150 residents attended the meeting, which was held in the compound of the Herstelling Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC).

Minister of Local Government and Regional Development, Hon. Nigel Dharamlall delivers his remarks at the meeting

“Throughout the 70 NDCs in Guyana, there will be known issues. However, this Government will listen to your complaints and find ways to resolve same. Since taking office, this is the 96th meeting I have attended, and persons have complained of discrimination [in] the dispensation of resources by Neighbourhood Democratic Councils,” he said.

The issue of rates and taxes collection, improved infrastructure, better drainage and irrigation were highlighted as areas to be addressed by the Minister.

“Our aim is to visit communities, engage the people and get an understanding of the areas lacking. There will be follow-up visits by leaders to your villages and constituencies, in order for us to plan and properly deliver the needs of the people as promised by the PPP/C administration,” he said. 

Some of the challenges residents raised were squatters on the community’s river dam, clogged drains, an increase in criminal activities, mosquito infestation and the need for street lights. 

In response, Minister Dharamlall said he would engage Minister of Agriculture, Hon, Zulfikar Mustapha to conduct an evaluation exercise at the sea dam area next week.

“The National Drainage and Irrigation Authority (NDIA) is responsible for drainage and irrigation, and it will be necessary for me to inform the Minister so that his team will be on board to resolve the matter. I will also reach out to the Ministry of Housing and Water to address the ongoing squatting situation since this Government does not condone squatting,” he explained.

There are some 80 households currently dwelling on the sea dam.

The Minister also advised the NDC to employ five persons to clean the clogged drains, starting from next week.