Gov’t delivers 210 water tanks to far reach communities of Region 10 during prolonged dry season

Several communities visited by H.E President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali about a week ago have received water tanks in keeping with the President’s pledge to alleviate the water challenges experienced by some communities during the extended dry season by supplying water tanks.

A total of 210 water tanks have been delivered to those communities. 100 water tanks were delivered to the Mines to be distributed to Old England-Siberia, Three Friends, Coomacka Mines, Nottinghamshire and Mariah Elizabeth.

Another 40 water tanks were sent to Ituni, 50 to #58 Miles, Mabuura, 15 to #47 Miles, and five to #37 Miles.

Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, Minister of Public Works, who is also the Political Representative for Region 10, on Friday last delivered the final 10 water tanks for families at Coomaka Mines.

Minister Edghill had said that the issue of no access to water during the dry season was raised several times during the President’s visit, and the commitment was made that before the end of the week the tanks would be distributed.

The Minister said the Government is satisfied that it was able to swiftly get relief to the residents, through a collaboration with the Minister of Housing and Water and the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI).

Minister Edghill said when contacted, Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Colin Croal, responded swiftly, and through GWI the tanks were procured. He thanked Minister Croal and the GWI CEO, and their respective staff members who working diligently to fulfill this commitment of the President.  

The Minister added that logistics was also an important part of the equation, and thanked Councilor Sancha Halley for the support given in this area.

Minister Edghill said Government will continue to work on all the other commitments made, including a “Well” to service the communities, however, he noted that these water tanks will offer temporary relief to the residents until the well is ready.