‘Gov’t don’t set out to have projects delayed’ – GS Jagdeo

dismantles Stabroek News editorial narratives

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has responded to the Stabroek News editorial titled “Skeldon 2.0” which placed blame on the government for delays in major infrastructural projects ongoing in the country.

Dr Jagdeo acknowledged that the government is not in favour of projects being delayed, but some difficulties such as the shortage of materials and difficult working environments including maneuvering through traffic are among the challenges hindering the projects.

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

The general secretary was at the time speaking at his weekly press engagement on Thursday held at Freedom House, Georgetown where he remphasised that delays are part of the challenges that need to be overcome in a growing country.

“We don’t like delays but … the government don’t set out to have a project delayed. It’s part of what you have to deal with in daily life in a country of our nature, especially a country that is growing so fast as our country is,” he firmly stated.

In addressing the criticisms of the delayed execution of the Cemetery Road and Conversation Tree expansion project, he pointed out to the editorial is merely focusing on the delay and not the ultimate benefit of the project, which will provide a better traversing experience to residents in this area.

He also noted that if the APNU/AFC Administration had been in power, the expansion of Cemetery Road might not have happened.

“They’re concerned about, oh it’s delayed for five months or four months and therefore the government is to be blamed … buying into the of the APNU which stands on the sideline and only gripes and complains … I want to say to you that if APNU was in power, you probably wouldn’t have the expansion of the Cemetery Road,” the general secretary expressed.

Dr Jagdeo also addressed the editorial’s criticism of the Schoonard to Crane bypass road being constructed on the West Bank Demerara, noting that although the project is delayed, it will be completed and improve the traffic challenges.

“It might be delayed a few months, but it is happening. You can go on the road and you can see it being built today and they should be proud that is being built by local contractors,” he underscored.

The delays in the Linden-Mabura Highway and the new Demerara River Bridge were also addressed by the general secretary, dismissing claims that contractors being procured for major projects are incapable of executing these projects. “This is one of the best companies building bridges in the world” he emphasised.