‘Govt has led mammoth projects for indigenous peoples – Orealla Toshao

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, December 15, 2019

Orealla has seen unprecedented development since 2015. Many of these projects were identified as record-breaking for the community of nearly 1,200 residents.

Speaking at a recent community meeting Toshao Carl Peneux said the $132Million road project that will bridge Orealla and Siparuta has been eagerly welcomed by the residents. Under this project, the community’s internal roads have begun to receive facelifts.

There are further plans in the pipeline to link Orealla to Kwakwani via a carriageway.

In his remarks to the residents Minister of Public Infrastructure Hon. David Patterson said all efforts are being made to complete the Orealla-Kwakwani road since the construction of the Linden-Lethem roadway will enable communities like Orealla to benefit from trade relations and the expansion of eco-tourism.

“Everywhere will be interconnected… that is one of our priorities,” Minister Patterson asserted.

Noting other significant initiatives Peneux commended efforts made by the Ministry of Social Protection to issue pensions and public assistance disbursements to the community that have catapulted over the last three months.  Describing the move as historic, Toshao Peneux remarked, “this has never happened before and all of this is coming with the help of the government.”

The provision of six free Wi-Fi hotspots within Orealla, the construction of a public restroom and a $1.5M presidential grant towards the building of the village’s first guest house, the $22.5Million river ambulance which has improved healthcare delivery in both Orealla and Siparuta and a regular supply of fuel for the village’s generator were also highlighted.

Peneux contended that since 2015 Indigenous communities have received the full attention of the Coalition Government.

Minister of Public Security Hon. Kemraj Ramjattan and Minister of Public Telecommunications Hon. Catherine Hughes also delivered remarks at the community engagement in Orealla.

Appearances were made at Radio Orealla where they reiterated the Government’s commitment towards the enhancement of life in hinterland communities.

The Ministers also visited Siparuta where sports gear and electronic tablets were handed over to youths in the community.