Gov’t injecting millions to improve road network in Region Eight

The PPP/C Administration is spearing no effort to demonstrate its commitment to improving the lives of all Guyanese, by ensuring the opportunities afforded to persons living on the coast are also available to those in the hinterland.

Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill and engineers inspecting works in the Region

To this end, the government is expending approximately $700 million in infrastructural works to rehabilitate a number of roads in Region Eight (Potaro – Sipuruni). This major infrastructural project is part of the government’s commitment to upgrade 2,000 kilometres of hinterland roads.

Toshao of Muruwa, Julia Williams

Some of the infrastructural roads set to commence in the hinterland region include the Mahdia main access road, Salbora road and bridges, Muruwa community roads and others.


The Amerindian village of Muruwa received some $64,677,900 for the rehabilitation of 10 kilometres of roads.

The works will be executed by Jemcorp Eng. & Imports and is expected to be completed by year end.

Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Egdhill said the upgrades on the road is a direct demonstration of government’s effort to improve the lives of residents.

Ongoing works in the Region

This follows difficulties faced by residents to traverse the road.

“Your government don’t sit in Georgetown and imagine what to be done in communities. We come out, we hear you, we listen to you and as far as is possible we respond to your requests. I am happy to announce today that we have also engaged a contract to do about ten kilometres of main access road in Muruwa and that will bring relief for the people,” Minister Edghill said during a community outreach on Friday in the Region.

Bartica-Potaro Road

The minister further announced that the ministry will be expending another $52,264,800 on the Bartica-Potaro Road (Denham Bridge to Cassandra crossing) to improve access to the area.

Works are being carried out by Eron Lall Civil Eng. Works.

Salbora Road and Bridges

The ministry awarded R. Razac Business Enterprise. Some $63,110,876 to rehabilitate the Salbora road and bridges.

This will see the rehabilitation of 9.8 kilometres of laterite road and the rehabilitation of nine bridges.

Mahdia Main Access Road

Another $108,655,491 was awarded for the second phase of rehabilitation works on the Mahdia main access road. The works will see approximately 500 metres of work being done within the township.

The minister highlighted that all works will be concluded by year end.

The minister said, “All of these works are to be concluded in 2022 as part of our project and just like we are doing here. Where we are seeking to engage the residents, we want the people all across region eight to benefit. Where ever we have people living it aint matter if people voted for us or they didn’t vote for us. The fact that people live there we are going there and we are addressing their issues.”

Meanwhile, the Toshao of Campbelltown, Princeville, and Muruwa, Julia Williams expressed gratitude for the monies being spent in the villages.

“We are thankful especially for Muruwa at this time especially the access road to Muruwa. It’s been very difficult for the persons getting their produce or if you have patients coming out from Muruwa due to the conditions of the road. So, we are very thankful for that $64 million that has been pledged to have that road done for the residents of Muruwa. We are very thankful that we have been place at the front of everything and we are having development in our Region and in our villages,”Williams noted.

In addition, the minister said the government is working assiduously to connect every village within the region to improve the overall road network.