Gov’t injects $1.7B in Region One’s road infrastructure

The transformation of Guyana’s hinterland region is advancing significantly, as the government injects the sum of $1.7 billion for the rehabilitation of vital roads in Region One (Barima-Waini).

Spearheaded by the Ministry of Public Works’ Hinterland Roads Programme, this investment paves the way for improved accessibility, connectivity, and economic activities in many communities.

Completed road works in Region One

One of the primary initiatives is the rehabilitation of the Compound to Settlement Road in Mabaruma, undertaken by International Import and Supplies for $296.9 million. This completed project catalyses further infrastructural developments in the area.

Supreme Contracting and Supplies have significantly progressed in rehabilitating Compound Internal Roads in Mabaruma. This $198.3 million project is 40 per cent completed.

Additionally, the reconstruction of the Independence (Wharf) Road Bridge in Mabaruma, executed by Aruca Investment for $56.4 million, faces technical challenges such as unsuccessful pile driving due to encountering boulders in the sub-base.

However, the project has reached 40% completion, with a bypass constructed to mitigate disruptions in the area.

The construction of Stelling Roads in Port Kaituma, costing $189.4 million and executed by International Import and Supplies, has been successfully concluded.   These upgrades enhance transportation networks, particularly for the new stelling constructed to accommodate the Indian roll-on and roll-off vessel, MV MA Lisha.

Furthermore, works have started on the internal roads in Port Kaituma (Phase 1) at a total cost of $185.3 million. GuyBiz Establishment is undertaking that project.

In Matthews Ridge, the internal roads were rehabilitated by GV Construction Inc., totalling $231.2 million.

Similarly, Blacks and Son Construction has rehabilitated internal roads in Wauna totalling $93.4 million.

Efforts are underway to rehabilitate the Rincon Main Access (Phase 1), undertaken by Mohamed Ramzanalli Khan Construction for $185.8 million.

Despite delays due to a barge sinking carrying essential materials, the Kwebanna to Kumaka (Phase 1) rehabilitation project, undertaken by Quality Deliverer at $201.3 million, has reached 40% completion.

Similarly, the rehabilitation of San Jose Main Access (Phase 2), undertaken by Aruca Investment at $89.8 million, is now 45% complete, focusing on improving road conditions along a 300-meter stretch.

This progressive investment underscores the PPP/C Administration’s unwavering commitment to fostering inclusive growth and equitable development for all Guyanese.