Govt invested over $10B in the Rupununi

─Don’t stop this progress urges Min. Hastings-Williams

DPI, Guyana, Saturday February 15, 2020

Education is the vehicle for development declared Minister of State, the Hon. Dawn Hastings-Williams, as she addressed hundreds of Lethem residents, in the Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo region on Saturday evening.

Minister Hastings-Williams, who joined Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, the Hon. Sydney Allicock, guest speaker Dr. Joey Jagan and His Excellency, President David Granger for the APNU+AFC rally in Lethem, was quick to point out the numerous initiatives implemented in the Rupununi to ensure the development was on par with that on the coastland.

“Today we have a lot to celebrate; establishment of Radio Lethem, a maternity waiting room/ hall at Annai, the Hinterland Green Enterprise Institute,$96 Million disaster risk management centres, new fire station at Lethem, smart classroom, eight wells commissioned and one Megawatt Solar Farm at Lethem and I can go on and on,” Minister Hastings-Williams declared.

The Minister noted that altogether, the government has invested approximately $10.3Billion in the Rupununi region, and this will be continued by the coalition administration.

“The $10.3 Billion benefitted people in the north, south, central and deep south Rupununi because APNU+AFC cares for you … you have lights in Lethem, you have better roads and bridges.” Minister Hastings-Williams stated.

Adding that the children of the region are also now benefiting from the President’s 5Bs initiative. “Your children are enjoying the hot meal programme. You have busses on the road taking children to school.”

Further, she stated that “Education is the vehicle for development” and that His Excellency President David Granger has a plan to make Guyana an educated nation.

Just over a week ago, the government commissioned its first hinterland technical institute at Bina Hill. The $130Million Hinterland Green Enterprise Centre is located in the same compound as the Bina Hill Youth Learning Centre in Annai.

The institute, which boasts modern education amenities and can accommodate up to 120 students at the same time, is part of President Granger’s Ten-Point Plan for Hinterland Development.

Through his Hinterland Education Support Programme, Indigenous youths in Regions 1, 7, 8, 9, and 10 will be trained in subject areas such as business management, leadership and enterprise, and technical areas such as motor mechanics and heavy-duty machinery.

The government has also invested in ICTs for communities and schools in the hinterland. As well as upgraded schools in dire need of restoration and have commissioned eight new schools in the last four years.

In the meantime, Min. Hastings-Williams reminded residents that it was the coalition administration who worked effortlessly with local community leaders to have Lethem declared a town, also part of the President’s vision to establish a town in every administrative region of Guyana.

Lethem was declared a town in October 2017.