Gov’t kickstarts Aesthetic Enhancement Project at Prospect Phase One

– flowering and fruit plants distributed to households

In an effort to promote community pride and ownership, Minister of Housing and Water Hon. Collin Croal on Sunday launched the Aesthetic Enhancement Project (AEP) at Prospect, Phase One, East Bank Demerara.

At a simple ceremony held at the neighbourhood’s recreational ground, Minister Croal planted new flowering plants to mark the project’s launch.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal plants a flowering plant in front the recreation ground at Prospect Phase One, EBD

With support from the Ministry of Agriculture, each household was also given a flowering plant to be placed at the front of their homes along with a fruit plant of their choice for their backyards.

Minister Croal told residents that the project is part of the Administration’s efforts to develop the community.

“We would like for you to take ownership. So, we are helping you. We are starting the process. This is your community. This is your safe space… Please take ownership and we will work with you continuously to maintain and keep improving,” the Minister stated.

The Ministry’s Community Relations Department was commended for aiding the enhancement of Prospect and other villages. Additionally, Minister Croal pledged to execute similar AEP initiatives in communities countrywide.

Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal alongside some of the Prospect Phase One residents who received flowering and fruit plants under the AEP initiative

Concerning the roaming of cattle in the community, Minister Croal said his Ministry has already engaged the Ministry of Agriculture, which has begun relocating the animals.

 The Ministry of Housing and Water is also overseeing the finalisation of a managerial committee for the community’s recreational ground which will be handed over soon.

Residents of Prospect Phase One receiving flowering and fruit plants under the AEP initiative

Regarding other ongoing developmental works in the community, the Minister reminded residents that Government has prioritised the construction of low-income houses opposite the community.

Minister Croal said Government has allocated a number of house lots from Great Diamond to Prospect, and is currently conducting  land preparation, street alignments and building drainage networks, among other development activities.