Govt launches shade houses at Skeldon, Talorgie

On Saturday, Agriculture Minister, Hon. Zulfikar Mustapha meet with farmers, sugarworkers, and residents from Onverwagt on the West Coast of Berbice, Skeldon, #52-74, Johanna and Yakusari (BBP), and Talorgie on the Upper Corentyne Coast.

While at Onverwagt, Minister Mustapha commissioned an amphibious excavator valued at approximately $110 million. The equipment will be used to carry out drainage and irrigation upgrades in the MMA-ADA Scheme.

Meanwhile, Minister Mustapha during his meetings at Skeldon, launched a new shadehouse project which will see 100 farmers from Crabwood Creek receiving materials and inputs to cultivate hot peppers to supply an agro-processing facility in Black Bush Polder.

While at Talorgie, Minister Mustapha also distributed 100 tractor driven pumps to the NDCs on along the Corentyne Coast.

Chairman of the NDIA was also present and spoke about the construction of the Hope-like Canal and other infrastructural projects to improve the lives of farmers in the region.