Gov’t looking to train 500 women to operate heavy machines for mining, energy sectors – President Ali

The PPP/C Government is currently in talks with several big companies in the energy sector to train some 500 Guyanese women to operate heavy duty machines in the mining and oil and gas sectors.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali Wednesday evening said the future undertaking would allow the participants to earn an average salary of $350,000.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali addressing the gathering at the International Women’s Day dinner hosted at State House

“The government is going to invest in ensuring that you are certified and we are going to partner with the private sector, so you move smoothly from certification to employment. These are the commitments that I’m making to you,” Dr. Ali emphasised.

The president made the statement as he addressed a large gathering of women, that joined him and First Lady, Arya Ali for dinner in recognition of International Women’s Day 2023, at State House. 

The administration will continue to work and provide the necessary resources to lessen the burdens on the nation’s women.

Meanwhile, President Ali has demonstrated his stern stance and unwavering commitment towards eradicating violence against women, and stressed a zero-tolerance policy approach.

Acknowledging that the social issue continues to be a “devil” plaguing the nation, the president highlighted that citizens must stand collectively to combat the scourge. 

“How many mothers will cover for their sons? How many wives will cover for their husbands? … the root cause is our silence; the root cause is our collective guilt.. not to stand strong and definitively against violence against women. If we do that, we can get rid of this monster and devil from the society.”

In Guyana, women are spread across every sector including the judiciary, aviation, agriculture, manufacturing, health care and education, among others.

The Guyanese leader said the successes of Guyanese women are significant and transformative.

Some 72.6 per cent of students currently studying through the Guyana Online Academy of Learning (GOAL) Scholarship Programme are women, while another 57 per cent of persons benefitting from scholarships through the Ministry of Public Service are also women.

A section of the gathering at the International Women’s Day dinner hosted at State House

Another 69 per cent of those trained in the public service are women. Eighty per cent of the total intake in the education ministry’s technical programmes are also women.

At the University of Guyana (UG), 70 per cent of the total student population are women. Importantly, the withdrawal rate at UG among females is at 0.4 per cent and is among the lowest in the region.

“What that tells you, is that not only are women enrolled, women have the staying power, they have the fighting power, they have the sacrifice power and they have the ability to finish what they start. And this is something that men must learn,” President Ali underscored.

Meanwhile, in the health care system, 60 per cent of the doctors and 98 per cent of the nurses are women, the president stated.