Gov’t monitoring drainage systems as heavy rainfall persists – GS Jagdeo

The government will continue to monitor the flooding situation and provide the necessary interventions to flood-affected communities across the country as a result of the May/June rainy season. 

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, revealed this during his weekly press conference at Freedom House. 

General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo, speaking during the press conference on Thursday

“Over the past week, we have had some unusual levels of rainfall and this has caused untold hardships to many people across the country. I want to assure them that all efforts are being made to address these issues to ensure that we can bring relief to those who were affected across our country,” the general secretary highlighted.

He further underscored that the cabinet has deployed several ministers to these areas to address this situation.

Dr Jagdeo then pointed out, “We expected that after the prolonged drought, there would be prolonged rainfall. And a lot of work had been done in preparation for this. But in some areas, in particularly, in the Rupununi, we have had even beyond what the usual capacity to handle this situation.”

In the case of Linden in Region Ten, critical D&I works are being undertaken in the township to address the flooding issues in several areas.  

The region experienced approximately four and a half inches of rainfall which prompted immediate interventions.

The Ministry of Agriculture along with other agencies including the Ministry of Public Works, has mobilised machinery to desilt canals and engaged in manual cleaning with residents in West Watooka and Fairs Rust.

Works are currently ongoing in affected areas, with plans for further efforts in other affected areas within Wismar Shore – Silvertown, Victory Valley, and First, Second, and Third Alleys.

Manual cleaning and other works will continue in areas surrounding Kara Kara Creek including Spieghtland, Old Kara Kara, Retrieve, and the Oval.

The Ministry of Public Works has also deployed emergency teams towards the restoration of the Linden-Lethem Corridor.

The route along the Kurupukari–Lethem Corridor was significantly disrupted on Wednesday when a truck attempted to cross a damaged section of the road within the Iwokrama Concession.

Meanwhile, the government has since implemented several strategies to prevent major flooding in Georgetown with the functionality of 12 pumps there. 

The Ministry of Agriculture has also assigned three engineers to monitor the systems on a 24-hour basis in the city, ensuring the timely operation of pumps and sluices. 

These pumps will be serviced regularly to avoid mechanical failures. 

High levels of water have been recorded on the Corentyne Coast in areas such as Black Bush Polder and the Central Corentyne areas. 

As such, efforts are ongoing to clear several outfalls in Eversham, Adventure, and No. 43 to improve drainage capacities, with pumps complementing these systems.