Gov’t not on long talks; focused on delivering to all Guyanese – M.P Narine

Member of Parliament, Seepaul Narine, said Budget 2022 contains a number of innovative measures, which will meaningfully advance the life of all Guyanese.

The veteran trade unionist was at the time defending the $552.9 billion budget in the National Assembly Monday.

Member of Parliament, Seepaul Narine during the Budget Debate in the National Assembly Monday.

“Budget 2022, I believe, has not missed any area of national life. Every man, woman and child will gain from Budget 2022. This is the nature of the PPP/C, which ensures that development is all-round and no one is left out,” he emphasised.

He said the wide-ranging budget is another manifestation of the PPP/C Government’s unyielding commitment to unlock the nation’s potential and improve the wellbeing of citizens.

“The hike in the income tax threshold to $75,000 monthly, represents a 15 per cent jump. This improvement, Mr. Speaker, means that no worker at the public sector minimum wage will be required to pay taxes…this initiative alone puts $1.3 billion in the pockets of our workers.

I can say Mr. Speaker, without hesitation, that our people have much to look forward to. Indeed, there are challenges, there will always be Mr. Speaker, buy Budget 2022 tackles these challenges frontally, bringing relief to our people in many forms,” M.P Narine underscored.

He said the fiscal package contains measures to mitigate the burdens placed on the Guyanese populace during the former APNU+AFC Government’s era.

“I am heartened to see sustained efforts being made to eliminate the legacy of burdens bequeathed by the Coalition when in office. This is a nature of a caring government, one which has the interest of the people foremost,” he added.

The trade unionist commended government’s move to further reduce excise tax on fuel which will bring additional reliefs to citizens.

“The restoration and now improvement in the school child uniform grant and allowance is yet another win for the Guyanese people…through Budget 2022 the aggregate sum jumps nearly 60 per cent this year,” he continued.

Further, M.P Narine chided the opposition for putting more than 7000 sugar workers out of jobs.

He also applauded the notable feature of Budget 2022, which speaks directly to the establishment of farmers’ markets.