Gov’t plans to integrate AI in all learning platforms in one year – President Ali

Within one year, the government plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into all learning platforms, ushering the country’s education sector along a path of technological transformation.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali disclosed this at the launch of the Guyana Coursera platform on Friday, at the National Stadium, Providence.

The initiative opens doors for nationwide upskilling, with access to over 6,000 courses from leading international universities.

President Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

The president said this is to move away from rigid learning practices and environments, fostering a culture where education is more immersive and accessible. 

“We have agreed in Cabinet that we are now working on a program to make our entire education infrastructure modules, learning curriculum, teaching aid with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. “We are looking to move it to a fully electronic online platform so there will be continuous learning anytime any time [of] day.” President Ali said.

This will encompass the nursery, primary, and secondary levels, empowering parents and children with 24-hour access to an electronic online system for instruction.

“That is bringing technology, improving accessibility, and providing ease of learning,” the head of state disclosed.

The president has on several occasions highlighted the steady emergence of AI in global operations and the tremendous opportunities that can be unlocked through this rapidly evolving technology.

In the education sector, the head of state explained that elements such as robotics must be integrated to build a sustainable and adaptable workforce.

Already, this is being implemented, through programmes such as the Spark initiative, and the establishment of smart classrooms.