Gov’t prioritises peace, unity, diversity for Guyana’s advancement

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has described his administration as a unique body that will continue to prioritise diversity and unity.

The Guyanese leader said his government believes in bringing people from all walks of life together, towards the common goal of progress and integration.

The approach is aimed at propelling the nation towards advancement and inclusive development, he stressed.

His Excellency, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali

President Ali made the statement while addressing a gathering during an Eid-al-Fitr dinner and cultural presentation hosted at State House, Sunday evening.

“We believe strongly in the religious values and those values do not allow us to hate each other. That is why our message is very singular. We do not have different messages for different times or different messages for different communities.

“We are implementing programmes and policies that address the concerns and needs of every Guyanese. It is only in this way we can build trust,” the president emphasised.

The head of state underscored that the greatest gift that his administration wants to leave for future generations is a country that is strong, united, and prosperous.

“One in which all the people value each other as neighbours, value each other as part of the family of humanity, value each other in the development process.”

He said everyone wants to achieve peace, but it is essential that everyone acts in a way that promotes peace.

“A positive life would never allow you to demonstrate attributes of hate, racism, or ill feeling. A positive attribute of humankind, as prescribed by God Almighty is to be a promoter of justice, unity, peace and one who is a positive asset to society,” Dr Ali stressed.

Further, President Ali affirmed his unwavering commitment to combatting misinformation and promoting the truth, expressing his satisfaction with leading a government that shares these values.

We will not stand up and allow falsehood to take root. We will not stand up and allow false narratives to take root. We have a responsibility for the truth. We have the responsibility to promote the truth,” he added.

Despite the activism of a small group of individuals promoting hatred, the president believes that the promotion of love and unity in communities, mosques, temples, and churches, will only grow stronger.