Govt prioritising infrastructural development in Region Nine

As part of the government’s efforts to advance hinterland development, a whopping $1.1 billion has been earmarked to rehabilitate key thoroughfares in Region Nine.

Among the notable investments is the upgrading of Beverly Hills Drive, Lethem Road. The contract was awarded to D and R Construction and Machinery Rental to the tune of $150.1 million.

Rehabilitated roads in Region Nine

The asphalt road project spanning 1300 metres has made significant progress as the road priming works are completed. The asphalt application process is underway.

Internal Roads at Cenotaph Boulevard, Lethem are also underway providing immense relief and improved accessibility to residents and road users.

Works are valued at $152.9 million and are being undertaken by JJ Mining and Construction.

Similarly, internal roads at Stock Feeds and St Ignatius, are being rehabilitated by Beerdat Harrinandan Construction to the tune of $145.6 million.

Also, preparations for the asphalt application are ongoing there.

The rehabilitation of crucial roads in the South and Deep South is also progressing with 80 per cent of the works already completed. 

This includes culvert installations at Parikwarunau and grading and backfilling works.

Aerial shot of Region Nine Road

Theodore Faria General Contracting Service is executing the works to the tune of $231. 9 million.

Additionally, EK’s General Contracting Service is undertaking works in the villages of Karasabai and Cracrana, South Pakaraimas, at some $91.5 million for laterite road maintenance, with preparations underway for site works, including culvert installations.

Another key project is the revamping of roads in Tiger Pond, Paipang, and Taushida valued at $126.5 million by Vishal Trucking Master Company.

Meanwhile, Aranaputa Valley Village and Farm Roads, North Rupununi are also seeing major upgrades to the tune of $115.1 million.

The project being executed by Morris Jeffery Enterprise General Construction is 50 per cent completed and includes the maintenance of a laterite road spanning 20 kilometres.

These investments signify a concerted effort by the PPP/C Government to address infrastructural deficiencies in Region Nine, prioritising the enhancement of transportation networks crucial for fostering economic growth, social cohesion, and sustainable development in hinterland communities.