Gov’t remains committed to development of every community – Minister Todd

In keeping with the government’s commitment to bring major development and opportunities to every community across Guyana, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd, M.P., on Friday visited River’s View in Region Ten, where he met with residents of the area and neighbouring village Falmouth to discuss and find possible solutions to the issues in the respective villages.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd with residents of Rivers View and Falmouth

The minister said government has been crafting policies to ensure communities are equally developed. As such, ministerial visits are necessary to communicate and understand the unique needs of each community.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Huge Todd, M.P. addressing residents

“There are several pillars that we are focusing on for development because at the end of the day, our tasks are to transform your lives, and we do that by ensuring that we have policies that are inclusive, policies that drive or stimulate equity and equality…

[Therefore] we have to visit your communities to meet with you, and interact with you to also hear from you the priorities that you have at the top of your agenda for your community itself,” the minister said.

Residents at the meeting

Addressing government’s plans for the various sectors, Minister Todd said providing improved healthcare services and creating opportunities such as training and education are very important to ensure citizens are equipped and ready for Guyana’s developing economy.

“You will have to help us transform this economy. We will provide all of the incentives and all of the initiatives and measures to transform your lives, but you will have to be part of the drive to transform the economy itself,” he said.

Some of the solar panels distributed to the villages

The foreign affairs minister encouraged the community to find togetherness and contribute in building the president’s vision of a ‘One Guyana’.

“We cannot achieve the success that we want unless we can achieve a culture that speaks to oneness, and that is why the president is so driven to ensure that we do everything at the same time, so we have to achieve balanced development…to have a Guyana that is unified,” he said.

The minister urged the predominantly logging communities to also pursue agriculture as they have fertile and adequate lands to develop the sector.

He assured them that the “spotlight” is on Guyana and the government will ensure they provide the best services to benefit every citizen.

Several solar panels were also distributed to the villages.