Gov’t restates zero-tolerance stance for all forms of violence, urges peaceful conflict resolution

The government has reiterated its zero-tolerance to all forms of violence and its support for legal resolutions to conflict.  

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn expressed this sentiment during an interview on the sidelines of the Copsquad2000 graduation last Friday at the National Cultural Centre.

The minister was making reference to a disturbing video circulating on social media, capturing an altercation between two groups of individuals on the island of Leguan.

The dispute revolved around land ownership. Tragically, the situation escalated to violence, with one person wielding a firearm and subsequently injuring a woman and three men.

Minister Benn said there are other incidents that occur sporadically in society, noting that this incident serves as a grim reminder of the importance of peaceful conflict resolution.

Minister of Home Affairs, Robeson Benn

“I want to condemn these types of responses…We view it with great distress and unhappiness that occurrence, and we want to say to people that if there are disputes, they should take the disputes and take the time to resolve those disputes in ways which will not result in harm to each other or anyone.  

“Where there are disputes in the first instance, persons should remove themselves from any resort to violence,” the minister urged.

The next step, he pointed out, would be to report the matter to the police to ensure the matter is properly documented and legal avenues explored.

Additionally, the minister noted that the use of firearms to settle disputes is an extreme and dangerous response that must be vehemently condemned.

He further warned firearm license holders against misuse of their weapons.

“I want to warn those who are firearm holders, legitimate, that we will be taking the sternest action in relation to them having a firearm license when they undertake such resorts.”

The Home Affairs Minister said in order to create a safe and peaceful environment, persons must be held accountable for their actions.