Govt supports call for more judges in Essequibo

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, December 21, 2017

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has pledged that additional judges will be based in the Essequibo region of Pomeroon-Supenaam, to support those already stationed there.

The Minister, who was at the time commissioning a new judges’ and magistrates’ quarters at Suddie, noted the lack of sufficient officers in the region, and the added burden placed on the system due to the fact that Barticians are forced to travel to the Essequibo coast to receive judicial services.

Minister of State, Joseph Harmon.

“I’ve heard a call by the senior counsel that we should have a judge in the civil jurisdiction as well as in the criminal jurisdiction. I think that’s important enough to be supported and I’m sure that when there’s a call for additional judges particular to deal with these developmental issues you’ll have a willing an accomplice in this Minister”, Minister Harmon said.

The Minister of State referred to the disparity in economic development between the coastland and the hinterland, specifically the area west of Fort Island.  He, however, said the new accommodations are the beginning of improvements for the region and reiterated government’s commitment to improving facilities for its judicial officers who serve in every region.

“This includes the realignment of services, in accordance with the ten administrative regions of Guyana, that will be realigned by the establishment of regional capitals. These services include fast and reliable internet access for proper communication and research that are so essential to such matters, as case preparation and judgments and all other support, which the judiciary requires.”

Additionally, Minister Harmon stressed the importance of improving the services especially in light of the fact that more women are now serving in the judicial system.

“The narrowing of the gender gap in the legal profession in Guyana with women occupying the highest levels of the judiciary and having to serve in the capacities to be facilitated by these accommodations is also another good reason for the vast improvement in working conditions. For even though our female judicial officers are no less competent and efficient than their male counterparts, they are still our gentle side and their welfare therefore requires greater care and consideration.”

These initiatives are part of Government’s investment towards the improved delivery of judicial services and administration of justice, regionally. 


By: Ranetta La Fleur


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