Gov’t supports Karasabai farmers to expand production

Forty-five families in Karasabai, Region Nine are planning to increase their agriculture production after receiving assistance from government.

The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs has delivered on a promise, to provide barbed wires to the community, to protect the farms from animal intrusion.

Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP

Prior to obtaining the wires to fence the farms, the Nabiuti Farming Group lost acres of crops every year, as animals would ravage them.  But now the items delivered by Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai, MP, provide a silver lining for the agriculturists.

Raymond Carlos, who has been farming for over 50 years is immensely pleased with the governmental intervention.

He said, “it will help me to stop them animals from going in the farm. It got cows right there, pigs and sheep right there, it can stop them with that wire.”

Among the farming group, there were nothing short of smiles, especially for Cyril Johnny, a 62-year-old farmer. He said cultivation will now be extended, and the community will be looking to supply Lethem with the increased produce.

“Our promise has been fulfilled with this barbed wire. I’m so thankful for it, we are thankful as farmers. We will use it on a sustainable way to produce, and to have a progressive and productive marketing.

“We will do much better now that we receive this barbed wire to do more further production.”

The farmers in Karasabai traditionally plant peas, corn, cassava, plantain, bananas and eddo, but will be expanding to include citrus fruits.

The intervention of government exemplifies its rhetoric of rebranding Guyana as an agriculture powerhouse, and the breadbasket of CARICOM.

It also contributes to the plethora of major initiatives Government implemented from August 2020, such as the Shade House Programme, where high-value crops are being grown; corn and soya bean cultivation at Ebini, black belly sheep project in Region Five, hatching eggs initiative, marine cage fishing project and the brackish water shrimp programme, just to name a few.

A section of the farms in Karasabai, Region Nine

These programmes solidify Guyana’s position as a key player to reduce CARICOM’S hefty food important bill by 25 per cent by the year 2025; a goal set by member States.

Meanwhile, Minister Sukhai congratulated the farmers for remaining resilient, in the face of various challenges, including the unpredictable weather pattern.

Some of the barbed wires the farmers of Karasabai received

“When the rainy season comes, there are some places that will always be flooded. It is hard but what can we do, it is an act of nature. Please make use of it in the best interest of the farms.”

Minister Sukhai also distributed a brush cutter to the Community Support Officers, to help maintain the aesthetics of the village.

The minister also addressed some governance issues affecting the community.