Gov’t to wipe out all weapons of racism in Guyana – President Ali

─ says all Guyanese are stakeholders in development

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali has stressed that his government will continue to wipe out all weapons of racism in Guyana.

The head of state said all Guyanese are shareholders in the country’s development and the PPP/C Administration remains steadfast in meeting their needs.

President, Dr Mohamed Irfaan Ali during the event at Babu Jaan, Corentyne, Berbice

President Ali was at the time addressing a mammoth crowd Sunday, at Babu Jaan, Corentyne, Berbice, at a ceremony hosted in observance of former late President, Dr Cheddi Jagan’s 26th death anniversary.

“Today I say that no weapon formed in the clothing of racism will succeed once this People’s Progressive Party is alive and we don’t intend to die. We would stay alive,” Dr Ali emphasised.

He pointed out that one of Guyana’s greatest assets is the diversity of its Citizens. However, there are some persons who are bent on weaponising this important feature, using tactics to separate the nation.

Those who are handling the weapon must understand that their days are numbered and will soon come to an end, the Guyanese leader stressed.

He reminded that Dr Jagan faithfully fought for the working-class Guyanese, and noted that the political transformation and justice came as a result of the formation of the PPP/C.

Making the case, President Ali emphasised that his government will ensure that the astute legacy of Dr Jagan lives on.

“We are not going to be branded by the same whip… that inflicted the seamlessly deep wound on the society we live in, but we have chartered a course in which we are offering our branches of love to heal those wounds… and to create a fresh platform through which growth and development and progress and unity have come to us,” the head of state asserted.  

He remembered former President Jagan for his remarkable contributions to the development of Guyana and the betterment of its people.

The late Dr. Cheddi Jagan served as President of Guyana from 1992 to 1997 and is widely regarded as the ‘father of the nation.’

He dedicated his entire life to ensure that freedom and democracy of the people prevailed in Guyana until he died on March 6, 1997.