Gov’t undertakes major rehabilitation of East Ruimveldt Market

to be completed before Christmas  

The Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development has announced the commencement of major rehabilitation works at the East Ruimveldt Market within the next two weeks. This decision follows a site visit by Minister within the ministry, Anand Persaud, who engaged vendors on Friday.

During his visit, Minister Persaud was struck by the deplorable condition of the market and recognising the urgent need for improvement, has prioritised its rehabilitation. The upcoming works will encompass a comprehensive overhaul of the market’s facilities, including structural repairs, drainage system upgrades, and the installation of new amenities.

Minister within the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Anand Persaud meeting with vendors of the East Ruimveldt Market

“I would like you all to be in agreement with the rehabilitation works that we are going to do. We will try our utmost to start it sometime next week or the following week, once the bids are in,” stated the minister.

Following this process, the contractors will mobilise to commence work so that the project can be completed by the second week in December, the minister said.

The upcoming rehabilitation works are set to transform the working environment for vendors, ensuring a significant improvement in time for the busy Christmas season. Minister Persaud has assured vendors that the project will not only enhance their working conditions but also provide employment opportunities for the community.

While acknowledging the temporary disruption that the construction activities may cause, Minister Persaud urged vendors to collaborate with the contractors and workmen to expedite the project’s completion. He emphasised that the short-term inconvenience will pave the way for long-term benefits, including a modernised market facility that will attract more customers and boost business.

“Once you are in agreement, we will see what has to be done and do it. The engineers were here yesterday and so with that, we will continue from there. Then we will do the BOQ which is the Bill of Quantities and we will go out for bidding,” Minister Persaud explained.

Minister Persaud walking about with the vendors and assessing the stalls

The vendors expressed their frustration with the market’s neglected state, blaming the Mayor and City Council for inadequate maintenance. They highlighted restrictions on stall improvements, insufficient security, poor lighting, and unreliable garbage collection.

Minister Persaud acknowledged their concerns and pledged to address them. He assured the vendors that lighting would be included in the renovation plans and promised them a brush cutter to aid in maintaining cleanliness.

“The Mayor and City Council will send persons later to assess the market. When they come just notify them that we are already having it done. They haven’t done anything for years so we are getting it done now,” the minister stressed.