Gov’t will ensure a bright future for Moruca residents – Min. Croal reaffirms

On Wednesday evening, a number of persons gathered at the Kumaka Waterfront in Moruca, Region One, to witness the annual lighting up of the Christmas Tree.

Addressing the predominantly youthful audience, Minister of Housing and Water Collin Croal expressed optimism about the future of the Moruca sub-region.

Minister Croal addresses the gathering

He affirmed that residents will reap the benefits of the government’s projects dedicated to enhancing their quality of life.

“You now continue to walk on better roads and even the portion that is to the church will be done sometime in the new year. Last year when we were here, right across the bridge I recall it was muddy and many of you complained. So now you have a good road that leads to the school,” Minister Croal highlighted.  

Minister Croal distributes toys to hundreds of children in Region One

In addition, roads will also be built in Kwebanna, and that community will also benefit from a new school.

“We are working to ensure you get a better education so by the time many of you get older enough to go to secondary school, you all have state-of-the-art [facilities] and smart classrooms,” he said.

The minister noted that while upgrades have been done at the existing hospital at Moruca, land is being cleared for the construction of a new modern regional hospital in the area.

The community also continues to benefit from the Hinterland Electrification Programme, which saw the distribution of solar panels to each home, while some communities have benefitted from power-generating facilities. Shortly, a new landing will be built at the waterfront at a cost of $45 million.