Govt’s decision to import chicken seeks to address scarcity, high prices, while protecting consumers

The government’s decision to temporarily import chicken is a responsible move that seeks to address the current scarcity and high prices, while also protecting consumers.

The Ministry of Agriculture is aware of the detrimental effects that these issues can have, and is taking steps to mitigate them.

The majority of Caribbean nations are also experiencing a production deficit, mostly as a result of difficulties brought on by inclusion body hepatitis (IBH) and recent increases in warmth and humidity—conditions that are not optimal for the production of broilers.

The National Poultry Association, the Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA), and the ministry all recommended the temporary importation, which was disclosed to the public back in June.

A press release from the ministry, issued on Wednesday explained, “On December 1, 2023, having passed the requirements at the port of entry at Moleson Creek, two trucks bearing license plate numbers GAE 5137 and GAE 6041 which were transporting 898 boxes and 550 boxes of chicken respectively totaling some 58,000 pounds, were cleared by an on-duty customs officer attached to the Guyana Revenue Authority.”

It is important to note that the logistical aspect of the process, which was facilitated by the Ministry’s New Guyana Marketing Corporation catered for and included the outsourcing of transportation services, the release clarified.

Further to that, the press release underlined that the Opposition went back to falsely accusing the ministry and senior officials of being engaged in the smuggling of chicken after failing to acknowledge the measures made by government to protect consumers from the inevitable rise in prices brought on by insufficient supplies.

Since then, the ministry has called on the opposition to extract its rash remarks.