Govt’s legislative agenda sees 57 bills passed in two years

– Minister Teixeira

The PPP/C Administration since returning to office in August 2020, has been actively working to improve the government’s legislative agenda. To this end, some 57 bills were passed to improve the lives of Guyanese over the last two years.

Parliamentary Affairs Minister, Gail Teixeira

This was highlighted by Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Minister, Gail Teixeira in a recent interview with NCN.

“The legislative agenda is actually very heavy and we have accomplished about 57 bills from October 2020 to now. I think the breadth of bills to be brought will make life easier for people, would make the business to be able to function better and in fact, as you know, we haven’t brought new taxes which is always a bill themselves.”

Some of the bills being amended in 2023 include the Trafficking in Persons Act, which will also see the Family Violence and Domestic Violence Acts being amended.

In addition, the government, through the Ministry of Housing and Water, has introduced a Single Window System Bill. The bill caters for the establishment of a single window electronic processing system to increase business efficiency, as the housing and construction industries are expanding rapidly.

“These are all little broad scope of intervention that are innovative, correcting what might be wrong, amending what needs to be upgraded or modernised,” said Minister Teixeira.

Some of the bills passed last year for the development of Guyana and its people include the Hire Purchase Bill, the Condominium Bill, the Suicide Prevention Bill, and the Mental Health Promotion Bill, among others.

This was a monumental moment for Guyana and the PPP/C Administration for surpassing usual regional standards.

The minister also reaffirmed the government’s commitment to further strengthening Guyana’s legislation in the coming years.