GPHC provides facts regarding Department Heads

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) condemns the article published yesterday, 20th January, 2019, on page 11 of the Sunday Times Newspaper under the caption “Senior GPHC department head demoted … director resigned fearing demotion”.  The article is malicious, mischievous, devoid of facts and designed to be injurious to the organisation and its employees.

The facts are that the selection of the Director of Medical and Professional Services (DMPS), like other senior appointments inclusive of the Director of Medical Education and Nursing were done through an open transparent process which was devoid of discrimination or any favouritism.

It was most unfortunate that the Sunday Times, in its usually unprofessional manner, never sought to clarify the information or verify the facts. Had the Sunday Times contacted the GPHC management before publishing this malicious article the newspaper would have known that Dr Sheik Amir served his entire tenure as DMPS and that it was at the conclusion of his contract, in accordance with best practice, the vacancy was advertised in all the daily newspapers, including the Guyana Times, inviting qualified medical professionals, including Dr Amir to apply.   Further, the Sunday Times would have also known that four individuals, (names deliberately withheld) including Dr Amir applied and were all interviewed by an independent panel which consisted of personnel from the Board of Directors, the Ministry of Public Health, the University of Guyana School of Medicine and the GPHC administration. At the completion of this process the best candidate was selected.

In the case of the position of Director of Facilities, Mr Andy Mahadeo was appointed to act for a limited duration and was subject to continuous performance appraisal and evaluation.    Mr Mahadeo opted to resign rather than continue in the employ of the GPHC.  In his letter of resignation and exit interview there was no indication of fears of demotion as his reason for leaving, rather it was that he had found a better more lucrative job offer.  Mr Mahadeo’s departure from the GPHC was without rancor.

The GPHC again condemns the article as malicious, mischievous, devoid of facts and designed to be injurious to the organisation and individuals who work within it.  We ask the Guyana Times, in future, to verify the ‘facts’ prior to publishing inflammatory articles.


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