GPHC sets up permanent triage areas for suspected COVID-19 cases

−Continues to guard against new infections taking place at facility

The Georgetown Public Hospital is being proactive in putting all necessary systems in place to effectively respond to the medical needs of citizens while preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Director of Medical and Professional Services Dr. Fawcett Jeffrey on Friday said the hospital had mobilised even before COVID-19 to protect staff and patients from being infected. Interventions have now evolved while developing measures are taking shape.

Initially, temporary screening points were set up at all entrances of the hospital. Those are at Lamaha Street, East Street, New Market (North), New Market (South) and Middle Street, but two of them are now triage centres housed in permanent structures.

“We have a triage centre in East Street; a patient who comes to the hospital who has symptoms of COVID-19 is not allowed in the institution. That patient is triaged and if necessary, even swabbed. We also have a triage centre in Middle Street where if you are going to the Medical Outpatient Department, you are screened and if needed, you are triaged there,” Dr. Jeffrey said.

Those facilities serve as primary monitoring areas for everyone entering different parts of the facility, whether patient, visitor or staff.

The GPHC has the only Infectious Diseases Intensive Care Unit in the country. This is where critically-ill COVID-19 patients are treated. The Ministry will also be looking to set up Intensive Care Units at all regional Hospitals with ventilators and other key equipment.

Staff at all levels have been trained on how they can continue to carry out their duties even in the presence of the deadly COVID-19.