‘Green Gold coming soon’

─ Eldorado Gold initiative seeing results

─ collaboration between Ministry of Natural Resources and Conservation International

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The push to ensure Guyana’s gold mining sector is mercury-free is gaining traction with assistance from Conservation International (CI). This is according to Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman.

Speaking as a guest on VOG’s Radio Programme ‘Insight’ on September 23, the minister revealed that a team of local stakeholders from different sectors recently returned from a Peruvian study tour where mercury-free mining technology was showcased. 

Minister Trotman explained that “CI has been setting up model stations, around the country, working with miners, the National Mining Syndicate, the Guyana Gold and Diamond Miners’ Association and with the Guyana Women’s Miners Organisation and as well with artisanal individual miners. They are finding better ways of recovering gold… that is said to be green; that is organically produced not with too many chemicals, in particular, mercury, there is a higher value for it on the world market.”

Minister of Natural Resources, Hon. Raphael Trotman appearing as a guest on VOG’s Radio Programme ‘Insight’.

Conservation International, the minister said, is helping to demonstrate not only how it can be done but also where it can be sold internationally,

“They’re are helping us to find those markets. I believe it is a commendable programme and I wish to thank both the outgoing and current directors of CI and all of the hardworking people there for this initiative. It is not just in Guyana. It is shared amongst a few countries but we are seen as one of the flagship countries that will take this project forward, globally.”

The El Dorado Gold Project, which is a collaboration between the Natural Resources Ministry and CI and Guyana and Global Environment Facility (GEF), aims to mercury-free mining by 2025. It seeks to guide the transition to mercury-free mining and promote the adoption of environmentally friendly approaches to mining in Guyana.