GSA holds stakeholders’ consultations to foster continued agri-education, research

With the aim of ensuring continued advancements in agricultural education and research, a consultation was held on Friday between stakeholders and the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA).

During the consultation at the Essequibo Campus in Region Two, GSA’s Director of Academic Affairs, Oscar Glasgow highlighted the institution’s role in influencing the agricultural landscape of the country through research and education.

Regional Chairperson, Vilma De Silva during remarks

He also outlined the institution’s significant influence on Guyana’s agricultural development.

A crucial part of the consultation was an open conversation in which the participants discussed how their contributions have all influenced the development and prosperity of the GSA Essequibo Campus.

Their recommendations and ideas, which were all welcomed, demonstrated a team effort to improve agricultural research and teaching.

Essentially, the consultation reaffirmed the notion that agriculture is much more than just farming and emphasised how vital it is to build a sustainable future.

Given the importance of agricultural growth to Guyana’s economy, GSA continues to promote and support the education of young people interested in agriculture occupations.

Regional Chairperson, Vilma De Silva; Regional Vice Chairman, Humace Oodit; GSA’s Chief Executive Officer, Gavin Ramnarain, Prime Minister Representative, Arnold Adams; Chairman of GSA’s Board of Directors, Dhaneshwar Deonarine and other stakeholders were in attendance.