GSA, Kuru Kuru Cooperative College to collaborate in the area of Agro-processing, academic training

MOU will cater for training of students from both entities to become agricultural entrepreneurs

The Kuru Kuru Cooperative College and the Guyana School of Agriculture will soon forge collaboration in the area of value added, which will see assistance being given to the College in establishing its Agro-processing Plant in Corentyne Berbice.

The formal talks which commenced yesterday saw Board of Directors of the Kuru Kuru College lead by its Chairman, Mr. Ed Ceaser having a dialogue with the Board and Management of the Guyana School of Agriculture at its Mon Repos office.

During the meeting, a number of issues were raised which will fall under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the two entities. Among those are, technical assistance will be provided to the college by the GSA to commence its fruits and vegetables processing plant and student exchange to enhance learning in the areas of animal science and soil management.

A technical team has since been appointed which includes Dr. Collin James who also serves as a Board Member on the Kuru Kuru Board, Dr. Mark Pierre, Agriculture Health and Food Specialist at the Ministry of Agriculture and Dr. Maxine Parris-Aaron, Agriculture Health Specialist at the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

In return, the Cooperative College will provide academic support to the Guyana School of Agriculture staff in the areas of Cooperative Management, Human Resources Management, Photography and Videography, Leadership and Project Management.

Chairman of the Board of the Guyana School of Agriculture, Dr. Thomas Richmond welcomed the collaboration, highlighting some of the many successes being undertaken by the Guyana School of Agriculture in the identified area.

He, however, advised that while both sides are excited about the future prospects to be derived, the collaboration will be done in phases, the first being, the development of an animal science and soil management program which will benefit students of the Kuru Kuru College.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Kuru Kuru Board, Mr. Ed Ceaser lauded the efforts of the GSA to collaborate with the institute which he notes has not been the first time, albeit this magnitude.

“There is much being done at the level of the College and we are happy with this new collaboration…it is the vision of the college to not only produce students of a certain caliber but better prepare them to become agricultural entrepreneurs,” he added.

After the meeting, the team toured the agro-processing facility at the GSA where condiments such as jams, jellies, porridge mix, cakes among others are produced for the local and regional markets.

Presently, commodities produced at the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA) are in 15 supermarkets across Guyana, even as the school works to have this further expanded in the new year.

The Chairman of the GSA Board, Dr. Thomas Richmond was also accompanied by Director of Administration, Dr. Richard Allen, Director of Academic Affairs, Mr. Oscar Glasglow, and Assistant Manager of the Agro-processing Unit, Ms. Stacia McDonald.

Also accompanying the Chairman of the Kuru Kuru Board, was Mr. Hansen Elliot, Principal of the College, Dr. Collin James, Ms. Doodmattie Singh, Mr. Rollingston Robinston and Ms. Erika Tularam all Board Members.